Interactive Map: Where Voucher Households Live in the 50 Largest Metropolitan Areas

Jan 3, 2019
Alicia Mazzara, Brian Knudsen, and Nick Kasprak for Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
The Housing Choice Voucher Program, the nation’s largest federal rental assistance program, enables families to afford decent, stable housing, avoid homelessness, and make ends meet. This map allows users to examine where voucher-assisted households live in the 50 largest metropolitan areas.

Housing vouchers mostly move families into impoverished neighborhoods, even when better apartments exist elsewhere

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Jan 3, 2019
Tracy Jan for The Washington Post
But a new study found that in nearly all 50 of America’s biggest metropolitan areas, low-income families using federal housing vouchers remain overly concentrated in impoverished, racially segregated neighborhoods with little opportunity — even with plenty of affordable apartments available in highe

"It's like we don't exist": California's invisible rural housing crisis

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Dec 31, 2018
Martin Kuz for The Christian Science Monitor
The USDA’s rental housing inventory comprises 416,000 subsidized units with an estimated 435,000 residents. Two reports this year found that, in the absence of more federal funding and better planning, the program will shed some 20,000 units by 2027.