Managed Care

This community seeks to bring together a wide array of stakeholders connected to managed care organizations (MCOs), primarily those administering Medicaid and Medicare benefits (including Special Needs Plans), to facilitate greater understanding of the role managed care plays in individuals' lives and the greater community as well as facilitate smart cross-sector partnerships with MCOs.

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Research Mon, 08/05/2019

CLPHA developed a general data sharing template that public housing authorities (PHAs) and their health partners can customize to suit their data sharing and collaboration needs. Please feel free to comment to share any uses/modifications your organization made to implement into a partnership.
Affordable Care Act, CLPHA, Community development, Data sharing, Depression, Domestic violence, Dual-eligibles, Dual-generation, Health, Healthy homes, Housing, Low-income, Medicaid / Medicare, Mental health, Metrics, MTW, Obesity, Partnerships, Preventative care, Racial inequalities, Research, SAMHSA, Substance abuse, Sustainability, TA
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Report Tue, 07/10/2018
HUD Administrative Data Linked with the National Health Interview Survey
Asthma, Attendance, Child welfare, Early childhood, Education, Grade-level proficiency, Health, Healthy homes, Home visiting, Housing, Lead, Literacy, Low-income, Medicaid / Medicare, Preventative care, Research, School-readiness, Stability, Vision, Youth
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Policy Brief Wed, 04/19/2017
For eligible children, Medicaid pays for the medical services schools provide to students with disabilities so they can get an education.
Child welfare, Education, Medicaid / Medicare
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