Housing as a Platform for Improving Education Outcomes among Low-Income Children

Jul 11, 2018
To help inform policymakers and move policy forward, this paper discusses the current state of housing in the United States, provides a conceptual framework for housing as a platform to improve educational outcomes for children, reviews the existing evidence that supports conceptual models, and iden

How to Change the Trajectory of Low-Income Children? Help the Parents.

News Article
Mar 14, 2018
Ryan McKinnon for the Herald-Tribune
Education leaders reconvened on Tuesday to continue discussing how to help kids by helping their parents. The approach, known as the “Two-Gen” method is based on data showing a child’s trajectory is largely determined by their parents’ stability.
New Community | Oct 25, 2016

Literacy & Grade-Level Proficiency

This community is a space for Housing Is members interested in literacy and grade-level proficiency. Persistent educational disparities among low-income children hinder their abilities to achieve economic success in adulthood. The Housing Is initiative stands on the notion that affordable housing is influenced by a variety of systems, and that it is only through cross- sector collaboration that we will build the partnerships that will help improve lives.