A Data-based Re-design of Housing Supports and Services for Aging Adults who Experience Homelessness

Dec 7, 2018
Dennis Culhane, Steve Metraux, and Randall Kuhn for Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy
This report examines health services use and population dynamics among the aging homeless population in Los Angeles. Evidence suggests that adverse health outcomes lead to homelessness, and the conditions related to homelessness lead to or exacerbate a range of health problems

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program: Impact and Funding Need

A report of the CDBG Coalition

Apr 8, 2019
While the program has changed very little since its inception, the need for the program has increased. In 1975, the number of program grantees stood at 594. Today, the number of grantees stands at 1,268 as more communities qualify to receive direct program allocations.

Frustrated King County residents want a plan to address homeless crisis, new poll says

News Article
Apr 2, 2019
Vernal Coleman for The Seattle Times
A comprehensive plan would increase King County residents’ confidence in local efforts to address the region’s homelessness crisis, and seeing fewer people living on the streets would prove that it’s working, according to a new poll.

Out of the System and onto the Streets: LGBTQ-Identified Youth Experiencing Homelessness with Past Child Welfare System Involvement

Mar 1, 2019
Nicholas Forge, Robin Hartinger-Saunders, Eric Wright, and Erin Ruel for Child Welfare Journal
In 2015, approximately 21,000 youth in the United States became emancipated-commonly referred to as "aged out"-from the foster care system; neither being adopted nor reunified with their family of origin, and were therefore expected to live independent lives.