Family engagement

Network Effectiveness in Community Collaborations: Learning from the Chicago Community Networks Study

Nov 1, 2017
Why do some neighborhoods appear able to launch effective local improvement initiatives, while others are more hampered by fragmentation and mistrust? Why can some communities mobilize diverse constituencies to influence public policy, while others cannot?

Two-Generation Strategies in Public Housing: Promoting Success for the Whole Family

Case study
Jul 10, 2017
Abra Lyons-Warren & Amber-Lee Leslie for HOUSING IS, CLPHA
These case studies provide a framework for implementing or replicating promising approaches to use two-generation initiatives specifically with housing authority residents as means to improve life outcomes.
New Community | Oct 25, 2016

Family Engagement

This community is a space for Housing Is members interested in family engagement. Developing strong relationships with families who receive housing assistance is critical to achieve shared goals. Family engagement can be an effective strategy to communicate important information and learn from families to better address their needs. The Housing Is initiative stands on the notion that these systems are all interconnected, and it is only through cross-sector collaboration that we will build the partnerships that will help improve lives.