State Dashboards to Monitor the Unwinding of the Medicaid Continuous Coverage Requirement

May 24, 2023
Emily Zylla, Elizabeth Lukanen, and Lindsey Theis, SHADAC for State Health and Value Strategies
The unwinding of the Medicaid continuous coverage requirement represents the largest nationwide coverage transition since the Affordable Care Act, with significant health equity implications. As states restart eligibility redeterminations, millions of Medicaid enrollees will be at risk of losing their coverage with some portion exiting because they are no longer eligible, some losing coverage due to administrative challenges despite continued eligibility, and some transitioning to another source of coverage. Given the intense focus on coverage transitions during the unwinding, some states have initiated plans to publish a data dashboard to monitor progress. Data dashboards are useful for publishing dynamic data that is in high demand. They allow states to make proactive decisions about what data to release and on what schedule and then organize that data in an easy-to-digest visual format that facilitates the interpretation of key trends and patterns at a glance.
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