This community is a space for Housing Is members interested in youth. Low-income youth face unique challenges and opportunities as their families move towards self-sufficiency through housing assistance; some youth are experiencing homelessness or are independent from guardians.

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2019-2020 SchoolHouse Connection Youth Scholarship Program - Accepting Applications!

Council of Large Public Housing Authorities
Washington, District of Columbia
The SHC Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program
  • Provides scholarships to youth who have experienced homelessness to ensure their completion of a post-secondary education program.
  • Assists youth with financial aid processes, mental health advocacy and referrals, professional legal advocacy and referrals, and assistance in locating and establishing local contacts for general support and services.
  • Builds a stable peer and adult support network for recipients, before, during, and after their college careers, and into their transition into the workforce.
  • Offers young people meaningful opportunities to engage in advocacy, while providing sustained support services to help ensure graduation and success in life.
The Award
  • $2,000 scholarship award ($1,000 for the 1st year, $1,000 for the 2nd year of college).
  • A minimum of 10 scholarships are awarded.
  • Trip to a national awards ceremony (travel and expenses included).
  • Second gathering in Washington, DC, 18 months after the initial scholarship award (all expenses included).
Who Should Apply? 
  • Applicants must have been born on or after Nov. 9, 1998.
  • Applicants must be entering college for the first time during the 2019-20 school year. This means that the application is for high school seniors; for those who are in GED programs; or for those who have taken a gap year.
  • Applicants who have experienced homelessness within the last six years are eligible to apply.
  • Undocumented students who meet these criteria are eligible.
[Deadline to Apply: November 9, 2018, before 11:59 PM PST]

For more information, please contact Amy Bradley (, Director of Youth Leadership and Scholarships.

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