What You Need to Know NOW About Fair Housing

Washington , District of Columbia
Tuesday, March 5, 2024 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

HUD made some big changes regarding Emotional Support animals. You may be in for a surprise!

You will also get guidance for handling fake/internet created Service Animal documents housing providers are more often being accused of sexual harassment phony testers are calling properties and provoking our team members to answer questions inappropriately. Violence against women is increasing. What is your responsibility?

With the most current changes, many of which seem unclear, staff members could make very costly mistakes. Anne will review HUD language and make clear what our responsibilities are today as compared to just last year.

What You Will Learn


  • What domestic animals can now be considered ESAs?
  • How to handle appropriately handle the internet service animal documents since HUD sees our side.
  • Develop a ‘script’ to use when a caller pushes for information regarding leasing to felons, What animals can be service/support and more.
  • What can you do to help residents who are being harassed/intimidated/stalked by a former spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • Can my Staff members be accused of sexual harassment?
  • Is two persons per bedroom still the basic occupancy standard?
  • Who is responsible for translating when an applicant/resident does not speak English?
  • Does my state approve of marijuana usage? What do the Feds say??


What Attendees Can Expect to Learn Post Attending this Webinar

They will have clarity on the latest rulings/changes/documents and how they impact their daily operations. They will also be prompted to make changes in the wording of their current policies. The staff will be clear on how to answer questions to prevent entrapment.

You may think you know everything about fair housing; from this webinar, you will be updated and clear on the latest changes and how they affect your policies and procedures.

Who Should Attend

Every staff and service team member should attend and be updated on the latest changes/additions. Plus Supervisor and Regional managers/small owners

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